Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué Review
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Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué Review

Incoco nail polish appliques are dry applique sheets that are made of actual liquid nail polish; this allows the user to apply them quickly and easily. They can stretch to fit the individual's fingernail size and be trimmed and filed to the liking of each wearer. At around $8 for each set (which is designed to give you one manicure, but for some people, provides not one manicure but two), the set is supposed to last around two weeks. Compared to paying for salon services, this makes Incoco's appliques a competitive and convenient option.
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Incoco — Best Features
Non-liquid applique system is much less messy and time-consuming than traditional manicure methods
Less expensive than either salon manicures or gels
Best for: Busy people who want a manicure look but have neither the time nor the money to get it will find Incoco Appliques a viable option.

Incoco Nail Polish appliques are a new development in the beauty/makeup arena because they combine the look of liquid nail polish with the convenience of appliques. Each appliqué contains a base, color and top coat and is able to be flexible enough to fit the nail properly while resisting chipping. Each set of Incoco appliques once applied lasts up to 14 days, although you can remove them sooner if you like with nail polish remover. Each set contains 16 strips in varying sizes, which can be made to fit any nail size. The appliques come in more than 200 different colors and designs.

How It Works

Incoco appliques are available online, which is perhaps their only drawback if you are an instant gratification shopper. However, you can order in bulk and have a good supply on hand so you won't have to worry about waiting for new strips each time a set wears out.

First, you choose the size nail polish strips that are closest to your nail size. This doesn't need to be perfect; they are flexible and you can alter them a bit later although it's best to be accurate. Also, don't forget to use the test strips if it's your first time. After that, you file down the surface of your nails so they can more easily hold onto the adhesive on the strip.

This filing process does make your nails more brittle, which is one concern. However, it's definitely not as hard on your nails as the gel or tip processes that you get in the salon which also involve filing the surfaces of the natural nails.

Next take off the clear covering; that's on there so that the strips stay sealed. On the other side of the strip is a paper backing, and you remove that part and break off the silver tab so the strip is ready to go on.

Now, you position the strip on your nail without pressing it down. Before you do that, you make sure it is straight and that it is the right size. You get rid of any bubbles or wrinkles. If you do need to reposition the strip, gently peel it off and then reapply it. 

Once you're sure of your positioning, you press down, securing the strip. Make sure you fold the strip over the edge of your nail. This will leave an extra sort of layer or edge which you get rid of using a nail file. The whole process (once you get used to it), should take 15 minutes or less.

Quick Facts:


No mess

No nail polish smell

No smudging, fingerprints, or other mistakes that come from the liquid nail polish process

Saves time--a three to five coat manicure, even at home, will take around two hours including drying time

Much less expensive than salon gels or tips, and somewhat less expensive than salon manicure

Many color and pattern choices--patterns especially you might not be able to do yourself


Not sold in stores

More expensive than liquid nail polish at home

Some users report that it does not last the full two weeks

The Bottom Line

There is only one other company currently offering this kind of nail polish strip and they do not have anywhere near the selection that Incoco does. For convenience these strips can't be rivaled since you can give yourself the manicure in minutes--assuming you've planned ahead and stocked up. 

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